Football for all: We do not discriminate for any reason including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, religious belief, school, geographic location and ability

Promotion of Sport: Adventures Sports Club is committed to promoting the development of football in Belize by introducing and fostering the love for the sport from an early age. Our programs cater to preschoolers, grassroots and youth development

Promotion of Learning: It is not just about learning and improving football skills. It involves using the sport experience as a mechanism to teach life skills such as discipline, team work, perseverance, dedication, responsibility and self gratification

Promotion of Health: to promote a long term healthy lifestyle physically active and addiction free

To Unite: recognizing that Belize is a multi ethnical and multi cultural society we believe that football can unite our people

Promote better citizens By instilling civil pride and respect for authority we aim to create more productive members of society


Safe Learning: Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment for the children drug free and alcohol free.

All are equal: Where each player has equal and just opportunities to learn and improve not only their sports skills but character building skills such as dedication, team work, perseverance, and discipline among others.

Children Not Miniature Adults: We treat children as children and not miniature adults so we expect them to behave and learn as children and not adults. Moreover we realize that children develop at different paces.

Age Appropriate and FUN: Create developmentally age appropriate and FUN activities that allow children to learn by playing and participating. We believe that the game is the best teacher.

No to Racism and discrimination: We do not condone racism or any other form of discrimination including but not limited to gender, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status or ability.

The Place of Winning: We believe that winning is a by-product of our efforts thus we DO NOT make winning a priority as we do not measure our success by a win or loss record but rather by the development and accomplishments of the children.

Academics First: We believe that academic achievements are important to the children’s development and to the parents thus we never place sports at a higher priority but rather use it a tool to enhance academic success.


Self Sustainable: In five years Adventures Sports club will be a self sustainable club with a pool of highly trained coaches, volunteers, parents and players providing the best football learning experience in the Cayo District and serve as a model for other clubs in Belize

Competitive In five years, Adventures Sports club will have a very strong foundation and player base to field a highly competitive select team to represent the club for both local and international games and serve as an inspiration and goals for other members of the club.

  • Be inclusive of children and youth, both male and female, from the Cayo Football District.

  • Make the necessary improvements at facilities to encourage female participation, example: proper bathrooms

  • Foster ties with similar clubs or organizations from the other football districts to give our members a national experience.

  • Create a pool of experienced and well trained coach educators who understand the characteristics of children and the importance of sports as an educational tool

  • Create a pool of parents and volunteers who can assist with supervision and tutoring

  • Create Scholarship and exchange program opportunities for our members

  • Involve Communities, Churches, Schools, NGO’s and Government to make the programs a holistic experience for the children and those involved