Shopping for a vehicle?
Shopping for your new vehicle has never been this easy. You no longer need to leave the security and comfort of your home and make long road trips. You may even win an eco-friendly award for not using a drop of fuel to travel from Toledo to Corozal, or from Belize to Cayo, or Orange Walk to Stann Creek.

Have a vehicle for sale?
We are here to help you reach all possible buyers in all parts of Belize. The more potential buyers the higher the chances you will get the real value for your vehicle and not undersell.

Reasonable Rates!
Our rates are the cheapest in the country. You pay a one time fee till the vehicle sells. No other commissions or hidden fees.

Lets get you a car today. Just point and click (IMPORTANT: We will be adding feature to allow online payment and vehicle downloads soon so check back often.).
Montero Sport 2003 Album

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